Couples Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy for Couples

When you are having difficulties in the relationship, those issues can encompass every aspect of your relationship. It may be difficult to understand if it is a sexual issue or a relationship issue, therefore it may be necessary to work on various areas simultaneously in order to find a solution that each member of the relationship can find satisfactory.

· Low desire

· Mismatched levels of sexual desire 

· Sexual boredom and non-sexual relationships 

·  Relationship conflicts 

· Problems with intimate communication 

· Unproductive fighting with Infidelity 

· Unconsummated marriage 

· Religious concerns and conflicts regarding sexuality

· Affair Recovery

· Infertility 

Other General Concerns:

· Anxiety & Depression

· Addictions

· Grief/Loss

· Life Transitions

· Coping with physical/mental illness

· Parenting



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