Individual Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy For Individuals

Men and women are different from one another in many ways and I have experience with both male and female clients, helping them work through specific difficulties so they can enjoy their sex, lives, & relationships.

· Low desire

· Difficulties with Orgasm (Individually or with partner) 

· Low/no Sexual Desire 

· Arousal Issues (lubrication, erection) 

· Painful Sex · Sexual Addiction/compulsive behaviors 

· Postpartum Issues · Sexual Aversion 

· Negative body issues 

· Sexual effects of emotional or medical illness

· Sexual Trauma 

Other General Concerns: 

· Anxiety & Depression 

· Grief/Loss 

· Relationship challenges 

· Infidelity 

· Sexual boredom 

· Coping with physical/mental illness 

· Life transitions · Parenting



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